I dreamed a dream…

I dreamed recently that I killed three people. I remember clearly how for two of them but I only remember who for one. One of them was hidden under a blanket. I wonder why I would dream of something like that. I have dreamed of death before, inflicted on me and on others but never by me. This is a lot less interesting to talk about than I thought it would be. It was, at the point in time of dreaming, also less horrific than some other dreams I’ve had. Maybe with the new year coming, I should resolve to spend more time thinking critically about things. I know for sure that my attention span has deteriorated recently and that part of the reason is wasting time on technology; another contributing factor is probably ill discipline.

I also dreamed of FIFA14. I was controlling Romelu Lukaku in Be A Pro mode and I scored a fluke goal.

There seem to be at least two positions when it comes to explaining the purpose of dreams. Very loosely speaking, one is your brain playing out scenarios you’ve been thinking of in your head, another is your brain consolidating information that you’ve picked up in the day. My blog posts seem to be like dreams.

Assuming I stick to my resolutions, the new year should be an interesting one.

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